SURF walker

Surf is a walker for children full of fun. It is characterized by safety provided by a special structure that allows you to adjust the position of the seat to the height of the toddler - so that the feet freely touch the ground. Comfort is guaranteed by the backrest of the walker, which is anatomically adapted to the body. A set of toys placed on the walker will keep the child's attention and help in proper development, and the panel with melodies will engage the baby's attention. Thanks to the handles located in the back of the walker, after removing the seat, the toy will serve the child as a comfortable pusher.

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Technical data:

ikona wiek

Age range: 6 months+

ikona wymiar

Dimensions: 73 x 61 x 50 cm

ikona waga

Weight: 4 kg

ikona limit waga

Load limit: 12 kg

ikona siodelko

Seat height: 24 – 26 cm

ikona wymiar opakowania

Box dimensions: 65 x 14 x 73 cm

What does your child gain when you

choose the Surf walker?

  • 2-in-1 toy – walker and pusher
  • educational panel – equipped with a range of various melodies
  • correct positioning of the back – provides a profiled seat and stiffened backrest
  • can be folded flat
  • comfortable adjustment of the seat height to the child’s height – ensures proper contact of the child’s feet with the ground
  • front swivel wheels – facilitate free maneuvering
  • rubber stoppers – prevent driving into uneven terrain or falling from a high threshold
  • longevity of the product – solid construction and high-quality materials guarantee product durability
  • clear instructions and simple assembly – you can assemble the walker in no time