RIDE-ON Sport Car

The Sport Car Rider from Toyz is an indispensable walking companion. Thanks to its design, it can be easily adapted to the needs of your kid. It can be a pushchair, a walker and a typical ride - just remove the appropriate elements. The rider has a battery-powered steering wheel with lights and sounds, as well as a very useful storage compartment under the seat. Raised rails protect the toddler from falling and also block the possibility of turning with the front wheels.

*Average gross retail price determined on the basis of information from stores offering Toyz products. Depending on the seller, the price may be higher or lower than the approximate price.

Technical data:

ikona wiek

Age range:
12-36 months

ikona wymiar

86x44x83 cm (with handle)

ikona waga

3,1 kg

ikona limit waga

Load limit:
up to 25 kg

ikona siodelko

Seat dimensions: 18 cm x 21 cm

Backrest height: 22 cm

Height to the seat: 26 cm

Handlebar diameter: 18 cm

Distance from backrest to handlebars: 28 cm

ikona wymiar opakowania

Box dimensions:
62 x 31 x 36 cm

What does your child gain when you

choose the ride-on SPORT CAR?

  • Appearance reminiscent of a modern car
  • Low weight – only 3 kg
  • Driving stick
  • Steering wheel with lights and sounds (powered by 2 AA batteries)
  • Storage compartment under the seat
  • Rails with locking mechanism
  • Comfortable footrest