The Goodyear quad bike from TOYZ is a toy designed for children aged 1 to 3 years. The toy in the shape of a four-wheeled vehicle is equipped with a steering wheel with buttons responsible for the sound of the horn and the engine being turned on. The product is made of high-quality materials, which guarantees its durability and reliability. The toy is easy to clean and store. The ride-on has protection against tipping backwards

*Average gross retail price determined on the basis of information from stores offering Toyz products. Depending on the seller, the price may be higher or lower than the approximate price.

Technical data:

ikona wiek

Age range:
12-36 months

ikona wymiar

60x30x40 cm

ikona waga

2.4 kg

ikona limit waga

Load limit:
up to 25 kg

ikona siodelko

Seat dimensions: 25x17cm

Backrest height: 6 cm

Height to the seat: 24 cm

The distance from the backrest to the steering wheel: 34 cm

ikona wymiar opakowania

Box dimensions:
60×25.5×30 cm

What does your child gain when you

choose the ride-on RIDE-ON QUAD GOODYEAR?

  • Unique appearance thanks to the license of the Goodyear brand
  • Steering wheel with horn and engine sounds
  • Storage under the seat
  • Swiveling front wheels
  • Tipping protection