Dodge Charger Police from Toyz is a licensed battery carrier modeled on the iconic American car. Thanks to this, the youngest users will be able to feel like American policemen. Turning on the vehicle, they will hear the sound of the V8 engine. To go in pursuit, all you have to do is turn on the police lights with a siren (located on the windshield and bumper) with one button. Two powerful 40W motors will help in chasing criminals, and stopping them will be facilitated by a microphone with a megaphone built into the vehicle. Comfort and safety are ensured by wheels made of high-quality EVA foam, eco-leather seats with a lap belt and shock absorbers. Retractable wheels for easy portability and a remote control make it easier for parents.

*Average gross retail price determined on the basis of information from stores offering Toyz products. Depending on the seller, the price may be higher or lower than the approximate price.

Technical data:

ikona wiek

Age range:

3-8 years

ikona wymiar

113x71x53 cm

ikona waga


Net: 12,9 kg
Gross: 15,6 kg

ikona limit waga

Load limit:

up to 30 kg

Power supply:

2 x 12V motor (total 80W)
1 x battery (7Ah 12V)


ikona siodelko

Seat dimensions:
29x18x28 cm

What does your child gain when you


  • you make your child’s dream of a real police car come true
  • various possibilities for fun – your child can drive the battery car on his own or let you control it with the remote control
  • fun for your child – the Dodge Charger Police model offers a lot of surprises:
               + police lights with siren
               + microphone with a megaphone built into the car
    two ways to move, both forward and backward
    two speeds of movement
               +  front and rear LED lights activated by a button
    + wheels made of high-quality EVA foam
    + comfortable seat made of ecological leather

    + openable door
    + front and rear shock absorbers
    + steering wheel with horn and melodies buttons

    + slow start and automatic brake
    illuminated multimedia panel with pre-loaded melodies, USB MP3 player
  • retractable wheels for easy portability
  • a long time of fun on a single charge (the W166 AMG model has a 12V battery with a capacity of 7Ah)
  • exceptional power thanks to two 12V motors (40W each)
  • clear instructions and easy assembly