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The TOYZ cymbal bus is an excellent musical toy that will provide children with many hours of entertainment and learning, from the age of 18 months. This interactive vehicle not only entertains, but also develops cognitive and motor skills. There are cymbals on the roof of the bus, which produce pleasant sounds encouraging children to experiment, and a rattle. The toy's rear wheels make a sound that encourages play when moving. An additional advantage of the toy is its sorter function. The vehicle has profiled holes into which the child must fit a figure of the appropriate shape. This process not only develops manual skills, but also teaches shape and color recognition.

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Technical data:

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Age range:

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25 x 9,5 x 13 cm

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Product weight: 0,32 kg

Weight with packaging: 0,53 kg


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Box dimensions:

30 x 11 x 19 cm