Cuatro was designed with the younger brothers and sisters in mind. Even a 3-year old can easily drive it! Every child will be amazed by the sporty looks of Cuatro, with its ‘chrome’ wheels and engine. Two  powerful motors allows to ride the quad with a speed of 6 km/h forwards and backwards (up to 2 hours of fun on a single battery charging!). There are as many as 6 colors to choose from!

*Average gross retail price determined on the basis of information from stores offering Toyz products. Depending on the seller, the price may be higher or lower than the approximate price.

Technical data:

ikona wiek

Age range:

3+ years

ikona wymiar

L. 80 cm / W. 55 cm / H. 62 cm

ikona waga

Weight brutto:
19,3 kg

ikona waga

Weight netto:
15,6 kg

ikona limit waga

Load limit:
up to 30 kg

Power supply:
2x electric motor (45W),
1x battery (12V, 7Ah)

ikona siodelko

Seat dimensions:
L. 36 cm / W. 16 cm / H. 38 cm

ikona wymiar opakowania

Box dimensions:
80x44x40 cm

What does your child gain when you

choose the CUATROride-on vehicle?

  • You realize your child’s dream of his/her own selfdriven vehicle
  • Safety of your child – the Cuatro ride on quad is made of high quality materials and components
  •  Long playing time – the vehicle is propelled with a powerful electric motor supplied with a capacious battery offering up to 1,5 hours of fun
  • Glam LED lights in the front of the vehicle
  • Easy-to-operate steering panel with built-in melodies and MP3 player input
  • Clear manual and easy assembly