Audi Q7

Toyz AUDI Q7 will astonish both young and adult fans of fast and fancy cars. This models delivers premium-quality fun. Original Audi license guarantees that every detail is faithfully recreated to resemble the ‘real’ Q7 as much as possible. The car is propelled with two 35W 12V motors that have more than enough reserve of power even for the most demanding drivers 😉


What does your child gain when you choose the Audi Q7 radio operated ride on car?

  • you realize your child’s dream of his/her own selfdriven Audi 🙂
  • many possibilities of playing – your child can drive the car on his/her own or let you control the car via the included remote controller
  • loads of fun for your kid – there are many ways the Q7 model can make riding even more enjoyable:
    + two driving speeds, both forward and backward
    + LED daylights
    + additional front and rear lights switched on from the console
    + gear lever with LED lights
    + steering wheel with a horn and in-built melodies
    + podświetlany panel multimedialny z wejściem na odtwarzacz MP3, gniazdem USB, slotem na kartę MicroSD
  • long playing time – the Q7 can operate up to 2 hours without recharging the battieries (1x 12V battery with a capacity of 7Ah)
  • smooth riding thanks to two 12V motors (35W each)
  • clear manual and easy assembly – you will be able to fit the vehicle up quickly

The Audi Q7 car is suitable for children aged 3+

Technical data

Age range



Black, White


112x51x57 cm

Seat dimensions

33×19 cm


17,5 kg

Load limit

Max. 30 kg

Power supply

2x 12V motors (70W total), 1x battery (7Ah 12V)

Box dimensions

120x58x35 cm