Audi A3

Our TOYZ Audi A3 is as comfortable, safe and reliable as it’s adult-sized original. Two powerful motors and two capacious batteries guarantee up to 2 hours of uninterrupted fun. Features such as LED lights, integrated melodies or selectable ride speeds make the driving experience even more realistic. The included remote controller can give the initiative to the Parent, that means you 😉

What does your child gain when you choose the Audi A3 radio operated ride on car?

  • you realize your child’s dream of his/her own selfdriven Audi car
  • many possibilities of playing – your child can drive the car on his/her own or let you control the car via the included remote controller
  • comfort – the car is equipped with slow start mode – the accelecation is very smooth – and rubber rings on tires for better grip
  • safety – thanks to the automatic brake that starts working when the child releases the gas pedal
  • loads of fun for your kid – there are many ways the Volvo XC90 model can make riding even more enjoyable:
    • LED daylights
    • different ride speeds
    • integrated audio system – you can connect MP3 player via Jack input
  • long playing time – the Audi A3 can operate up to 2 hours without recharging the battieries (2x 6V battery with a capacity of 8Ah)
  • smooth riding thanks to two 6V motors (35W each)
  • clear manual and easy assembly – you will be able to fit the vehicle up quickly

Technical data

Age range



Black, White, Red

External dimensions

114x65x53 cm

Seat size



13 kg

Load limit

Max. 30 kg

Power supply

2x 6V 35W motors (total 70W), 2x 6V 4Ah batteries

Box dimensions

117x58x35 cm